Good news, restaurateurs! If you are looking for options to add more seating area and boost sales without spending much, opt for retractable pergolas! You probably have heard about the perks of adding awnings to your restaurant to create a lively outdoor space. But, you may not have thought much about pergolas.

The retractable pergola Sydney is an innovative structure designed to make a space inviting, adding an entirely new dimension to any outdoor seating. Retractable pergolas are innovative shading structures manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian climate. They are a versatile structure that can be free-standing or attached as an extension to an exterior wall.

What’s so great about retractable roof pergola Sydney?

Protection from the Weather

A retractable pergola can protect your guests from UV rays while still allowing them to dine outdoors and enjoy their meal. Whether it is hot, gloomy, or rainy, a pergola offers diners more space and comfort. In short, pergolas provide shade and comfort 365 days, regardless of the weather.


Versatility is one of the significant reasons why retractable pergolas are more popular than any other shading structures. Unlike an awning, that offers continuous overhead coverage designed to block the sun entirely, the pergola provides a filtered shade that can be adjusted according to your guest needs. Your guest will be cooler and more comfortable, even in peak summer, as the pergola retains a light and airy feeling. In addition to this, a pergola is a super-sturdy structure that can handle high winds, snow and heavy rain. This is why retractable roof pergola prices are higher than awnings.

Adjust the Temperature

It is impossible to control the temperature outside. But, it is possible to adjust the brightness level and provide ventilation. Yes, you can manipulate the intensity of sun rays entering your outdoor space by installing a pergola. Diners will enjoy outdoor spaces in low-light by adjusting the louvres, giving a perfectly balanced level of light.

Save Energy Bills

When it is too hot outside, you’ll have to turn on the air conditioners to make the restaurant comfortable and cool for your guests to dine but running them for extended periods can increase energy bills. On the other hand, pergolas can keep your guests cool and comfortable during both hot and cold days, eventually reducing the need for any heating or cooling.

A restaurant pergola is entirely customisable! You can get the size, colour, and features you want within your budget. Are you ready to create dramatic alfresco dining? Please call us for more details about retractable roof pergola prices.