We Aussies are known for loving outdoors! Aren’t we? In fact, there is no home without a backyard in Australia. Whether you want to set up an outdoor kitchen and party with your friends and family or just chill out on a lazy Sunday morning, awnings allow you to do whatever you want while keeping you comfy and cosy.

Awnings are a brilliant innovation. While there are several shading systems available in the market, awnings are a versatile system that allow you to extend your living space or shade your backyard or patio without spending a lot. Yes, an ideal and affordable addition to all type of home that offers a plethora of benefits. In fact, awnings have come a long way and today, motorised retractable roof awnings Sydney is the most popular choice over manual awnings.

While both manual and motorised awnings will get the job done, there are significant reasons for installing a motorised one. Let’s take a look at the reasons why should you invest in motorised awnings:-


No matter how beautiful the manual awnings are, the convenience of motorised awnings can’t be matched. Manual awning owners must constantly crank the lever to retract and extend the awning. On the other hand, outdoor living spaces with motorised awnings don’t require hard work as it can  be operated by a remote. With just a push of a button, you can continue to relax and adjust the awnings as the weather changes.

Would you want to roll the awning while being exposed to bad weather? Choose motorised awnings and reap the benefits it offers. Of course, motorised retractable awnings Sydney prices differ from manual awnings. But, it’s worth investing in it.


You could notice some significant differences between motorised and manual awnings. Motorised awnings are more aesthetically pleasing than manual options as they don’t have vertical supports or standing frames which get in the way of your view. The supports and frames of manual awnings obstruct the view and also occupy more space. When it comes to motorised retractable patio awnings, you can have the most modern and functional awning available.


Motorised awnings come with a range of features and accessories which allow you to customise the awnings accordingly. This is not the case with the manual awnings.

The latest model awnings can be connected with your smart app, and you can operate it through your voice assistant. Some awnings even come with sensors where it retracts and shades according to the weather condition and gives you maximum protection.

These advanced settings not only increase the convenience of managing the waterproof retractable awnings Sydney but also ensure it stays safe during bad weather conditions.

As you see, the benefits of motorised retractable roof awnings Sydney outweigh those of manual ones. Contact our team to personalise your motorised awning.