Do you want to maximise your outdoor space and make the most of it? What better way could there be than adding awnings to your property. Australian weather is harsh and unpredictable. The temperature can go up 40degree, especially during the summer months. Awnings and retractable roof systems are effective in protecting your property from the heat as much as possible.

In fact, awnings are a versatile structure that not only provides shade and protection from natural elements but also help reduce energy bills. Yes, awnings can save air conditioning and heating costs up to 25%. However, the real challenge is choosing the right fabric for the awnings as it plays a significant role in keeping your cool and warm during all seasons.

How to choose the fabric for an awning?

Awning fabrics come in a range of shapes, materials, and sizes. Choosing the fabric involves more than just considering the budget. This is because the material you choose can save you in the long run. So, which material is right? Well, it depends on your needs and the location. To help you choose the right topic, we have shared some tips to keep in mind when looking for retractable roof awnings in Sydney: –

Weather resistance

The primary goal of installing retractable roof awnings in Sydney is to protect your property from sun rays and rain. Hence, the fabric of the awning should be able to give the maximum protection while being durable, lasting for many years. You wouldn’t want to have them replaced within a few years. Would you? With a smart fabric selection, you can ensure that the awning could withstand sun rays, wind, rain, snow, and extreme weather conditions. Another major perk of adding weather-resistant material is that it will be protected from mould and mildew.

Colours and patterns

While some shades effectively reflect the rays and keep the space cool, other shades observe the heat and make the space hot. Awning fabric comes in a range of shades and patterns, so choosing the right shade is crucial. You could pick a colour and pattern that matches your exterior design scheme. However, do not overlook the aesthetic factor and take advantage of various hues, fabrics, and patterns to create a beautiful awning that adds value to your property.

Types of fabric

Awning fabrics are available in different shapes and sizes. So, when choosing a material, you have to pay attention to the durability, not just the cost.

Cotton canvas

This is perhaps the most eco-friendly option and a classic choice. However, when compared to other fabrics, it doesn’t hold well. Also, you’ll have to seal the material with waterproof chemicals frequently.

Acrylic coated polyester

If your place receives more rain, then this is your fabric. Yes, acrylic is a waterproof material that is leak and stretch material.

Vinyl laminated polyester

This type of material is the perfect choice for extremely humid areas as it prevents harmful UV ray, a major cause of fading.

Vinyl coated polyester

If you are looking for breathable and lightweight material, this is the ideal choice. However, this fabric is more of a design oriented than functional.

Irrespective of the material you choose for your waterproof retractable awnings Sydney, ensure it is weather and leak-resistant. Retractable awnings Sydney prices depend on the fabric, colour, and size of the awning material you choose. Please speak to our team for more information.