Pergolas not only transform your outdoor space just a place you can go to cook or hang out, but a place where you could relax, have a romantic dinner with your partner or share with your family and friends. Wouldn’t that be great if you have some cosy place to spend your weekend/holidays with your kids, friends, and family? Whether it’s a backyard bash or a quiet evening, retractable pergola Sydney can provide the comfort you are looking to spend in outdoors.

Here are a few tips for designing the perfect retractable pergola for your garden:-

A pergola is a garden structure that is designed to create shade. While traditional pergolas help to create shaded walkways, between two garden walls or a sheltered place next to a building, modern retractable roof Sydney system could be extended from the side of a building over a swimming pool or can be installed in a terrace as well.


No matter wherever you install, pergolas function efficiently. But, still, it is essential to choose the right location. A pergola that is hidden away from the main building in the corner of the garden can add a touch of elegance to the landscape design. Wherever you choose to install retractable pergola in Sydney, just picture how it would look like.

The base

Once you determine the location, the next thing you need to consider is the base. Yes, work out how large it will be. Ensure the pergola doesn’t dominate the garden by taking too much space. It should work as a structure within it. It is a good idea to make the base not bigger than your backyard or patio seating area. Of course, a pergola that is oversized will stand out. But, it shouldn’t be bigger than seating area. Let the structure little space than the seating area.

The architecture of your house

Once you determine the base, the next thing you should work out is to design a pergola that suits the architectural style of your house. A pergola that is connected to a house can enhance the curb appeal as it creates an additional architectural shape. Classically inspired columns that support the pergola’s lintel can coordinate well with any style of the house.


Finally, it is time to consider the décor of your pergola. You could add lights, grow a creeper, and add chairs and table for creating a cosy and comfortable space.

Hope these should help to create a perfect pergola for your garden. Whether you are looking for a retractable pergola or folding arm awnings, we got you covered. Please get in touch with us for more options.