Kristal Bond

KristalBond is an advanced coating that utilises Sol-Gel and Nano technologies. It comes in liquid form, and within a few hours of application,KristalBond forms a seven micron thin solid layer on the glass surface. Through the combination of the technologies, the KristalBond coating is able to self-level on its own at room temperature. With agents like ultraviolet and infrared absorbers and colour pigments, KristalBond is todays solution to solar control.

Crystal structure for unchanged clarity

KristalBond retains the original specifications of your glass windows, keeping it as you intended it to be, clear without distortions or seams.Available in a clear and colourless form, with KristalBond, you get a long-lasting coating that blocks out harmful radiation from the sun, but not the visible light, giving you optimum clarity, day and night.

KristalBond Online Brochure

Glass-like hardness

KristalBond chemically bonds onto glass to form a durable glass-like layer. No matter how severe the weather is, with a 6H hardness (just 1 below glass itself) KristalBond has a high scratch resisitence, it does not peel or bubble, de-metalize or require special maintenance. Unlike conventional solar control products, with proper care, KristalBond can stay on your glass for many years.

Extended Warranty

KristalBond comes with a 10-year warranty against peeling, cracking and delaminating. You get lasting protection without the hassle and cost of re-installation of traditional film laminates.

Non-Toxic Materials

KristalBond is non-toxic and not flammable once it has cured.