Do you have an outdoor space which could be used all year round? Well, what better way could there be than adding a retractable pergola? If you want to make the most of your backyard, retractable pergola Sydney is a practical feature to invest in. In fact, it’s one of the oldest garden structures originally used by Egyptians to escape the heat. However, pergolas have come a long way, and with advanced technologies, today’s pergola are made to suit our lifestyle and satisfy both shading and aesthetic requirements.

Choosing the right retractable pergola Sydney is the key to transform your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis. If your backyard needs a makeover and you want to maximise its potential, here are a few tips to choose the right pergola for your house:-

The purpose

How will you use the pergola? One of the best ways to choose the right retractable roof Sydney is to define the purpose. In fact, you need to think beyond enhancing your outdoor living space. Do you need a space to party with your friends and family? Are you going to live with your spouse? Perhaps, you wanted to create an area which can be used throughout the year. While some of our clients want to create an oasis where they could relish their morning cup of coffee, others want to be a centerpiece in the garden.

The purpose and visual charm are the major difference between pergola and patio. While patio serves as an additional room that is attached to the property, pergolas are designed to enhance the curb’s appeal and make the place more versatile. Pergolas could be detached or freestanding. Visually, pergolas consist of horizontal planks that are flat and open. Hence, define the purpose before buying one.

Style, materials, and colours

Pergolas come in a range of style, materials, and shades. It’s available in both wooden and maintenance-free vinyl styles. Wooden pergolas provide a traditional look and come in a variety of colours. On the other hand, vinyl offers convenience and available in white and ivory shades, allowing them to blend in with any backyard decor. However, to enjoy the best of both the worlds, you could combine both.


The size of your outdoor space determines the size of the pergola and folding arm awnings. The larger the area, the larger the shading system can be. Make sure the pergola is not too big and small for your house as it will make it look odd.

Do you want to make your pergola stand out? Consider these factors as it will make your pergola purchase less daunting and hassle-free.