Why would you want to travel far for a relaxing outdoor retreat when you can recreate it in your house? Yes, what better way could there be to create a relaxing outdoor than installing retractable pergola? Creating a perfect outdoor space that is calm and comfortable can be challenging. Thankfully, it is easy with retractable pergola Sydney.

A well-constructed and placed retractable pergola offers shade while it can be the most stylish spot for backyard entertaining. In fact, the structure not only lends sophisticated style to an alfresco space but they are also available with additional features that help to keep you cosy and comfortable.

So, why would you want to have the same old patio furnishings and decorations while there are several options? Make a statement with these décor ideas and modern furnishings.


Everybody has string light on their pergola. However, that doesn’t make it a bad idea. While string lightings make your outdoor space more inviting for you and your guests, you can also opt for other modern lighting fixtures that can be incorporated into your retractable roof Sydney system. Why not Edison bulbs with potted plants? Yes, they make a beautiful hanging from your pergolas. You can also hang chandeliers at the centre as it enhances the curb appeal of your pergola. Go for stylish, sleeky lighting fixtures if you want to achieve a modern look. If you are in doubt, add paper lanterns for creating a festive space.


You could showcase your distinctive style with a stunning centrepiece. When it comes to seating, you can’t go wrong with a set of leisure chairs and tables, outdoor seating pebbles as it doubles as furniture and art. However, ensure ample seating with cosy yet stylish furniture. While you can add a splash of colour with an easy-care lounger in your pergola, it is a good idea to set off your garden space with a bamboo leaf table.

Set an outdoor kitchen

A retractable pergola Sydney can also be used to extend your outdoor space. Why not set an outdoor kitchen with cabinetry, gas-fired or wood-fired pizza oven, and a grilling table? Whether it is a sunny or rainy day, you can still enjoy your BBQ or cocktail party with your friends and family.

Distinctive décor

Accent your space by adding fountains, planters, and outdoor art. Create a natural fountain to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space dramatically and add visual interest with a sculpture.

Add an outdoor fan

For the harsh Australian climate, adding an outdoor fan in the pergola is essential. Although it will require some electrical work, it’s worth investing in.

Be it a retractable pergola or folding arm awnings, both gives character and beauty to any landscape. With these tips, you can create an outstanding outdoor space with our versatile, functional retractable roof systems which offer a host of customisation possibilities.