Enviroment & Stability

“Sydney Sunscreens – Supporting our future through our commitment to reducing Australia’s carbon footprint”

Cooling systems like air conditioners produce large amounts of green house gas emissions and place considerable demand on the electricity grid. Installing an external sun control system dramatically reduces the condition of both exterior and interior spaces and lessens the environmental impact, while keeping energy bills to a minimum.

A Sydney Sunshade will:

  • reduce primary energy consumption (resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emission)
  • reduce energy cost
  • reduce peak electricity demand in summer and
  • improve indoor air quality for the building

Exterior shades increase a buildings ability to maintain comfortable conditions for the occupants without the need for expensive summer air-conditioning making the building more efficient by reducing the buildings overall thermal loading and greenhouse gas emissions from artificial cooling.

Cleaning, Repairs & Maintenance – Sydney Sunscreens offer an ongoing after sale service to maintain and keep your Sydney Sunscreens investment performing for many years to come.

Awning Fabric Replacement and Awning Repair – Existing awnings need not be replaced completely if they are in fairly good condition. Repairing and replacing the fabric of a tired old awning will help make it look BRAND NEW at a fraction of its original cost. Sydney Sunscreens use of today’s technologically advanced fabrics means that your newly recovered awning will significantly outlast the old one, retaining color saturation for years longer.