Adding a pergola to your garden or backyard patio is undoubtedly a stylish way to create a defined space for outdoor fun and entertainment. Whether you would like to add a centrepiece for your garden, a relaxing area near the pool, or a simple sitting area in your backyard for barbeques, it is hard to beat the style offered by a well-built retractable pergola Sydney. However, selecting the right pergola to fit your needs and budgets can be confusing with the so many wonderful options available. Here is the guide to narrow down your choices.

What is your Design Style?

Whether you have started building your backyard oasis or are still considering your picks, your yard space can tell a lot about your style preference. Check out your outdoor space. What do you like about it?

  • Do you have an established walk or a defined patio?
  • Do you prefer a rambling garden with many plants or a more ordered garden with plants and flowers in tidy and neat rows?
  • Do you prefer modern sophistication or rustic country styling?

Your answers to these questions will come from your personal preference. Those preferences can point you to the perfect retractable roof Sydney for your yard.

Remember, the pergola you choose will set the tone of your backyard space. So choose the one that matches your style.

What Colour and Material do you prefer?

Retractable pergolas are available in different materials and colours. You can choose from maintenance-free styles or the rich grain of the wood, setting the tone. In addition, the retractable roofing systems are available in a variety of colours from light stains to dark and natural clear coat and more vibrant stain colours. Think wisely and get the pergola to fit your needs and budget.

What size Retractable Roof should you get?

The size of your outdoor space will ultimately determine the actual size of the pergola for your needs. In general, for a larger area, you would require a larger pergola. If you don’t have much space, you can go with folding arm awnings for better shade. You can fold it off when you don’t need it.

You should factor in scale as well when deciding on the right size. Choose the retractable roof system that closely matches the size of your buildings. Say, for example, if you have a small pool, a small pergola will be your best bet. Every structure should be size-matched for a cohesive balanced look.

How much Shade will you need?

The retractable pergola Sydney is designed to offer a surprising amount of shade. The amount of shade your pergolas offers will entirely depend on how closely spaced the crossbars are. The closer they are, the more light they will block. If the area you choose to install your pergola gets a lot of sunlight, you might want to choose the one that is closely spaced to give your space some additional shade.