Tips to Maintain Retractable Awnings!

Did you know that the style and look of the outdoors reflect the lifestyle of the people who live indoors?

The upgrading of the sunshade systems has made the outdoor lifestyle more appealing, distinguished and dramatic! Especially, with retractable louvre roof
you can transform your outdoors and expand the open space of your home, cafe and business. Add it to your space, and make it suitable for an alfresco living.

Alfresco living:

“Alfresco living” is nothing but experiencing the fresh air or refreshing on the outdoors. You can attain it by installing a retractable pergola canopy
to your backyard, patios, deck, and garden. Awnings add the contemporary look to outdoors while serving as a better place to relax physically and mentally, after the long working hours. Before installing the retractable awnings to your outdoor, it is important to know about their maintenance.

What are the tips for maintaining the retractable roof awning?

Even though it provides automatic maintenance and long-lasting durability, there are some primary cares, which an owner should provide to uphold the visual nature of folding arm awnings.

  • Cleaning: it doesn’t require a regular cleaning; while a proper cleaning once a month with water and soap is more than enough to maintain its visual look.
  • Check out for rust: Though they are durable and can withstand any bad weather, long time exposure to water and wind can cause corrosion or rust on your awnings. Hence inspecting them every month will be a reliable choice to maintain its good condition.
  • Tear and wear: check your retractable louvre roof for any damage in the fabric, if found, repair it as soon as possible to prevent it from further damage.

Thus, you can maintain the awnings without any efforts. Installation of awnings is also a very simple procedure. This perfect shade solution benefits us in many ways.

Benefits of Folding Arm Awnings:

  • This addition to your outdoor will create a private space, where you can relax and entertain.
  • Awnings are adaptable to any weather condition n so that you can rest under the cosy fall and heating up the sun.
  • An ideal thing about awnings is they add style and value to your property.
  • With the use of Automatic temperature control system and remote controllers, you can retract and enjoy the flexibility of the setup.
  • Folding Arm Awnings are the only way to attain comfy without spending a lot on other building designs.

Whether you prefer a closed roof system or an open roof supported with columns, these awnings offer a beautiful shaded area, serving per your needs. Add an Aesthetic appearance to your deck with this outdoor revolution. Find the trustable supplier and installer to get a quality awning in your budget!

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space With Retractable Roof Awnings!

“Change Your Life Today. Don’t Gamble On The Future, Act Now, Without Delay”!

Awnings are one of the best ways to add an exceptional look to your property. They can offer shade when required and can be retracted when not required. These systems are gaining popularity for their shading option, and saving energy costs. That is, retractable awning systems are specially designed to fit your windows to provide the perfect shading solutions. They also cut down your energy cost and prevent the sun’s rays from fading your floorings and fixtures. Here, experts offer some facts to know about the retractable roof awnings!

Some Facts about Retractable Awning Systems!

Retractable roof awnings can shield you during the rain and can offer you shade during summer. They can help expand your outdoor living space and reduce the energy costs by blocking the harmful rays of the sun. Also, motorised retractable awnings with sensors notify you to retract the awning when the climate is too breezy.

They not only prevent the amount of sunlight penetrating into your home but also help adjust the temperature within your home. Retractable awnings prices are reasonable, and they are available in different colours to enhance the design and appeal of your property. They are specially designed in solid colours with contrasting stripes to offer a trendy look.

Retractable Awnings are Reliable!

Retractable awning not only looks great in an outdoor space but also they are flexible and easy to maintain. The fabrics used in the manufacture of retractable awnings are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. They offer excellent fade-resistance to last for a long time.

What Do You Know About Folding Arm Awnings?

Folding arm awnings offer wonderful flexibility for the property holder to add elegance and functionality to their outdoor living space. These smart solutions can enhance the functionality and appeal of the outdoor spaces. They can cover your entire pool area or outdoor dining. Folding arm retractable awnings can be custom-made to match your lifestyle needs.

Know The Types Of Folding Arm Awnings!

  • Star Cassette Folding Arm Awning: It’s custom-built with the marine grade aluminium and stainless steel fittings, and they are easy to mount.
  • Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning: Any other outdoor structures can’t match the style and grace of this full cassette awning. They are an excellent addition to any modern home.
  • Semi Folding Arm Awning: They are brilliantly designed to offer stress-free operation. It features with an aluminium casing and cast aluminium end covers.

Retractable roof awnings are sturdy and are easy to maintain. They look fantastic for years with less maintenance. They are specially designed to bear extreme weather conditions. They have robust and modernised designs that eliminate the need for rods in expanding the view. They are fabricated from a variety of materials, including aluminium, plastic or canvas. There are numerous styles of retractable awnings to match your home’s décor!

Folding Arm Awnings – A Blend Of Style And Flexibility!

Folding Arm Awnings – A Blend Of Style And Flexibility!

“Every moment in our lives is a miracle; we should enjoy it rather than ignoring”!

If you’re looking for a way to extend the flexibility and style of your outdoor area, consider folding arm awnings! They are flexible and reliable which offers excellent elegance to your outdoor area. Here are some key facts to know everything about the Retractable roof awnings!

Know The Types Of Awnings!

Retractable awnings are available in different sorts. Some of them are:

  • Full Cassette: They are the best choice when you are in need of elegance. The shallow depth of the cassette helps the awnings to blend perfectly with the frontage of your house. It’s a unique erection to be installed practically on any background. The material is protected against dirt and bad weather when retracted into the cassette. It is suited for both domestic and commercial needs.
  • Semi Folding Arm Awning: They are known for its fashionable design structure. They can be operated without any hassle, and they offer maximum protection against dirt.
  • Star Cassette: It’s mounted using end supports allowing the system to be attached to any material. It’s ideal for the coastal applications.

High Lights Of Folding Arm Awnings!


They are available in different sorts of fabric colours and the durable frames enrich the design of your outdoor space. With the striking colours to beautifully match any area, Folding arm awnings are a practical and trendy way to enhance your outdoor space.


Folding arm awnings not only enhances your outdoor space but also offers reliability and ease of maintenance. Nowadays, Retractable awnings prices are affordable.

Fully Automated And Easy To Operate!

Folding arm retractable awnings are simple to operate. You may have heard about the motorised awnings which can be extended or retracted with the help of a button. But, did you know that the retractable awnings can also be fixed with the help of automatic sensors? Yes! Awnings can be retracted or extended depending on the movement, wind or sun sensors. They can also be linked to a smart-home product which allows you to access your home’s lighting, audio system, temperature and much more!

They Are Versatile!

Retractable awnings are not only used over your windows and entrances they can also be used to protect your pool area, car parking or to create an outdoor dining or entertaining space.

UV Protection!

Folding arm awnings protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Unlike fixed awnings, folding arm awnings are fully retractable, so they can be completely retracted when not in use.

Some other benefits of folded arm awnings are: they can be used to cover huge areas, can be used as a cooking space, they reduce the heat inside your home. Thus, install the retractable awning system and experience its style and flexibility!


Sydney Sunscreens Partner with Keystone Group

The Star, named after the Star attraction it represents adds a new perspective in outdoor living Star Retractable Pergolas/ Roofing systems are an intelligent all-in one solution for heat, rain, and light control, while adding architectural style to your homeor business.

Now with ‘Open Air’ beer gardens becoming a more popular scene in Sydney bars and Night Clubs, there was always a fear of how to protect valued clientele if Mother Nature decides to dis agree with a nice sunny Sydney afternoon. The Sydney Sunscreens Team was appointed by Keystone Group owners of famous bars and clubs across Sydney, to come up with a solution to protect clients on their roof top bars but also satisfy the new stringent laws for ‘Open Air’ percentages in designated smoking areas.

The Sydney Sunscreens team has worked together and found the solution to all Hoteliers and pub owners needs, we introduce to you the ‘STAR’ Retractable roof system, not only a weather proof roof but with a touch of a button a SOMFY motor (market leaders in motorisation) gently retracts the roof to leave an ‘Open Air’ uninterrupted view of the sky above, a perfect solution if mother nature decides to spoil a nice sunny afternoon with a packed ‘Open Air’ beer garden!