When you stay indoors for too long, you might feel like going somewhere out to relax. What if we say that you can set up your ultimate relaxation spot within your own premises? With retractable pergolas, that’s quite possible! If you’ve got a deck or a patio, install a retractable pergola Sydney to transform it into an extended outdoor living space that can be used for pretty much anything. Here are four great ideas worth considering:

An Outdoor Movie Zone:

Planning a movie night with your friends or family? Set up a projector and a good sound system, and you’ll have a thrilling outdoor cinema experience. It only gets better when you can stream your preferred movies on demand. Just make sure the equipment is weatherproof, and use a screen that wouldn’t hinder your viewing due to sunlight exposure.

A Lounge Room to Relax:

If you need a space to unwind and refresh, add good quality outdoor furnishing, such as sofas or lounging chairs in the area. Consider getting durable and comfy outdoor furniture that complement your home décor. This would be a great spot for reading or painting without distractions. And no matter the weather condition, the retractable roof pergola Sydney keeps you protected. Enjoying the outdoor rains soothes your mind after all.

A Dedicated Outdoor Gym:

If you are unable to set up a home gym indoors, why not utilise your outdoor space for it? Get your treadmill, weight station, and yoga mats to create a dedicated outdoor gym. Working out outdoors is invigorating, plus it’s healthier as you get sufficient fresh air. This will only encourage you to use the gym more, and the weather will never an obstacle to your outdoor workouts, thanks to retractable pergolas.

Outdoor Kitchen:

A small outdoor kitchen sounds like a great idea when you need to get together with your family or friends for a weekend BBQ night. It doesn’t even have to be a permanent fixture. Set up a BBQ, and allocate separate spaces for food preparation and storage. Outdoor cooking is actually fun, especially with your loved ones.

Enhance the Experience with Motorised Pergolas:

Retractable pergolas can be operated either manually or automatically. Some good quality pergolas offered by reputable brands come equipped with motorised systems, by which it can be remotely controlled at the touch of a button. Motorised retractable roof pergola prices are quite reasonable too. This is definitely helpful for the elderly who find it hard to operate the pergolas manually. Adjust the pergola to let in the right amount of sunlight and heat to your space, based on the weather condition.

Ready to setup your outdoor entertainment zone? Talk to a supplier to enquire about the retractable roof pergola prices, and let the experts install the roof system for you.